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  1. 2015 Suskiyou Century
    I have done several dozen of these centuries over the past few years. This one ranks among the best. The weather was perfect, the roads were wonderful (and virtually no traffic), the scenery was great, and the sag stops were well supplied with great people who were fun to talk with. An all altogether great day.

    1. Thank you Larry for the wonderful post. Which one did you ride? So glad you enjoyed our event and hope to see you again next year.

      1. Linda,
        I rode the 100 mile route. I was the rider you took a few pictures of. If my schedule allows us to be there in 2016, we will definitely be there. You put on a great event.

        1. The Siskiyou Century is being revived as the Siskiyou Scenic Bicycle Tour and will be held in the Spring to avoid the wildfire smoke. The ride will be held May 4th, 2019, and will start and finish at Upper Greenhorn Park in Yreka. Please visit our Siskiyou Century web site to view the route descriptions, maps and registration link. You’ll love this ride! We will have rides of 81, 69, 38, 21 and 8 miles. The 81 mile route goes around Irongate and Copco Lakes and has 9.2 miles of gravel in various spots. The other rides are all pavement. We hope to see you then! Sincerely, Christal Duncan, Ride coordinator.

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