Siskiyou Century/Siskiyou Scenic Bicycle Tour

Greenhorn Park Lake, Yreka, May 2017
Mount Shasta from Shasta Valley
Copco Lake

We had a great event on May 4th, 2019! We had perfect weather and all went well. Thanks to everyone who participated, riders, volunteers and all. We hope that you join us again in 2020 on May 2nd.

There will be a full century this time (103  miles), all pavement, as well as rides of 90, 68, 38, 21 and 8 miles. The 90 mile ride has 14 mile of gravel, the rest are all pavement, and feature Shasta Valley and of course Mt. Shasta.

The ride will feature a 90 mile loop around Irongate and Copco Lakes, with 14  miles of gravel in various spots along the route. There will also be many all pavement routes; 103, 68, 38, 21 and 8 mile routes. The rides will all start and finish at Upper Greenhorn Park in Yreka. There will be a great meal at the end of the ride with beverages and entertainment to cap off your day. We look forward to seeing you then! The 3 long rides will start at 7 am,  all others at 9am. Camping will be available at the park for $15/night, however there are no hookups for RV’s. If you desire hookups please see our lodging page for RV parks in Yreka. . Multiple rest stops and sag wagons on all routes. Historical information pamphlet. The 3 longer rides have elevation gains of 4,500-5,600 ft.  Look at the maps and route descriptions!!!

All bikes are welcome, including electric bikes. 



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