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Each year the Rotary Clubs of Montague and Yreka recognize the “Top 100” students in the elementary and high school grades.  The high school students and the elementary students use to be recognized at the same awards ceremony.  Due to the number of people involved and the amount of time this event took, the groups were split into two separate events.  The elementary top 100 students are recognized at an event with an inspirational speaker and dessert usually at the Miner’s Inn Convention center.  The high school top 100 students are recognized at a combined event hosted by the rotary clubs of Yreka and Montague in conjunction with USI scholarships held in the Yreka Community Theater.

2015 may 18 jayne jane dennis too 100

Daughters of Yreka Rotarians – Jayne Harris (Jill Harris) and Jane Grantham (Patty Grantham) with President Dennis Crossman at the 2015 Rotary Top 100 Elementary Awards Program.


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