Weekly Programs

The program is the “Life Blood” of the weekly meeting.  If you have great programs, members will want to come and participate in the weekly meeting.  Because of this we are especially thankful to those who volunteer and arrange for programs each month.  We would like to also express gratitude to Bill Davis who volunteers and serves as the Yearly Program Coordinator.

Program Chair: Bill Davis

September 2     Mark Greenfield, Yreka High School

September 9    Kory Hayden, Gear Up Siskiyou County

September 16    Phillip Anzo, Calfire Chief

September 23     Jon Crovelle, Siskiyou County Behavioral Health

September 30     RYLA Overview
Program Chair: Bill Davis

August 5     John Krueger, Beacon of Hope Rescue Mission

August 12    Eagles Nest Weed

August 19    TBD

August 26     TBD
Program Chair: Joan Smith-Freeman & Lisa Nixon

1       Bern Case – Medford-Rogue Valley Intl Airport
8      Christina Cole – Together Again
15      Bob Taylor – COS Dean of Career & Technical Education
22      Steve Baker – What’s happenign at the City of Yreka
29      Dr. Christina Caselli – Naturopathic Medicine

Program Chair: Bill Davis

3       Elections and Voting
10      Mark Klever – Belcampo Meat Co.
17      Jill Harris – Crystal Geyser Mt. Shasta
24      No Meeting – Special Debunking (Jill’s House)


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